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    Default Andre Iguodala

    how good can this guy be i mean he's gonna be an all-star this year no question but how good can he really become if he gets a consistent jumpshot he'll be an elite and he's still only 24...he's in that phase thats just below elite...your thoughts?

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    wow, a new topic in the nba section.... interesting.. AI will get less ppg this year because of Brand and will never be an allstar with Brand on his team, I will say that
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    Iguadla has impressed me and suprised many people on good he has become. But I think Wilson Chandler has a brighter future. Chandler's defensive ability makes him have more value in the long run. Iguadola will average 20 ppg for a couple more years in a row. Chandler can average the same numbers but with 5 more rebounds and 1 or 2 more blocks.

    But I think Iquadola is a good back up from Iverson. Imagine how good the 76ers would have been with Iverson and the new Iguadola playing together?
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