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    Default Tim Legler is an idiot

    Just saw Tim on Sportscenter and he talked about the Knicks. His two biggest highlight players were Crawford and Q who he thought were the two that would play the best.

    Really, Tim? Really?

    He also outlined ZBO as someone who could not play in this system and said that chemistry and selfishness would ruin this team.

    He concluded that even though this team may be more competetive, they are even close to sniffing the playoffs.

    Be nice if he actually watched them play before making all these accusations.
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    Well he is right in that we are far from a lock to be in the playoff hunt. I know we look better and for sure we are going to be competitive, but, still doesnt mean too much. And I know that Z Bo has done fine during preseason but when the regular seasons roles around is where it really counts. Not saying Z-Bo wont have a strong regular season, and not saying for sure we won't be in the playoff hunt, but I can see where he is coming from.

    Now his reason for choosing Q and Jamal as highlight players is Q's expeirence in the system, and Jamal's style of play. I dont agree with him at all that these are the only two players who can play in this system, but from a person who doesnt follow the Knicks like us, those two would be the safest bets.

    Lets just hope that come May we can be looking back on his comments and laughing, but I dont expect too much from our team this year other than being more competitive.
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    most NBA analyst dont watch knick games, they just repeat what the next person says

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