duhon came out in the third quarter on a defensive tear

i could be wrong, but i think he's got 4 steals by the 6 min mark

richardson is 2 for 11? 12? goddamn terrible...he's had open shots, running jumpers, wide open front rimmed layups...ive been a huge supporter of him,but it seems he may be on the block just as much as curry or zbo to me

zbo's played well, im not one to say he NEEDS to go, especially if he keeps working like he has been

the celtics have played their season squad most of the game, and the knicks havent been altering their line up as much. its nice to see some consistency in our line up, even if it is pre-season

rondo,out, sprained right ankle...the ghost of reggie lewis tripped him up while he was walking down the court by himself..

2nd squad? is in, Chandler, Duhon, Zbo, Robinson, Marbury....knicks up by 4

i see no EJ in our future for tonight unless this lead increases to double digits in the fourth...

this game has been a great game to watch, its my first time watching the squad this year on TV (and not on justin.tv at my work on the pc)...i think alot of people are gonna be really surprised this year at how well the knicks pick up their overall team stats.

one funny thing is, it seems when their on a fast break, 3-1, 2-1, etc. they have NO idea how to finish. like they forgot what its like to actually have the advantage on someone on the court