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Seven seconds or less? Right now it's more like seven days or less. That's about the time that remains before Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni must begin to settle on the Knicks' 15-man roster.

"I think about it every day, every second, we sit down and talk about it," D'Antoni said recently. "Now, we don't make any decisions and sometimes our assessment changes from day to day . . . I don't think we're quite there yet."

The actual date the final rosters are due is Oct. 28, but most teams generally are set with their opening night lineup before the final preseason game, which is a week from tomorrow against the Nets. The Knicks are carrying 18 players in the preseason, but D'Antoni has only used 12 in the three games so far and says he gets "stuck" on a certain group of players.

At this point the one veteran who appears to be unstuck is Jerome James, the 7-1, 320-pound center who tried to make a case for himself early in training camp but has since slowed dramatically. James, who hasn't seen a tick of playing time in the preseason because of a quad strain, is still owed $6.2 million this season with a player option for $6.6 million in 2009-10. Walsh likely will have to set a precedent in his career and eat a contract if he doesn't want to lose a roster spot for a promising project in rookie Patrick Ewing Jr.

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But aside from the practice of contract buyouts, which Walsh has said he is philosophically opposed to, the other way to clear roster spots for wanted players is through trades. It is usually about this time of the preseason - the midway point - when general managers start getting itchy dialing fingers.

Many around the NBA are monitoring the curious situation brewing with the Lakers between Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson. Potential suitors for the versatile though enigmatic Odom already are being handicapped, with the Knicks high on that list. But several team executives around the league believe the Lakers have little interest in moving Odom and Odom has little interest in leaving Los Angeles. The New York native's skills would be a perfect match in the D'Antoni system, but it is an unlikely scenario.

Notes & quotes: D'Antoni said that, along with running, one of the toughest adjustments some NBA players have to make to play in his system is to lose the sense of entitlement to a number of shots per night. Stroking egos is a skill some coaches employ, but D'Antoni believes there is enough motivation to perform on the 1st and 15th of every month. "You kind of do have to stroke egos ... that kind of rankles me a little bit because every two weeks that should stroke your ego, when they go pick their check up," D'Antoni said. "I'm not big on if the big man runs then you've got to give him the ball. The big man runs because we pay him a lot of money to run."

I LOVE THIS GUY (no homo)
the is my motivation
everyone feeling sorry for these multimillionairs when they are paid to entertain us. they dont play for our entertainment, they play for money. these are my sentiments exactly about marbury and his loss of his dad. yeah, its sad he's gone.....but im paying you to play. take a day off....take 2 compassionate days....which is one game most of the time, and then come back with a fire in ur eye, and win one for ur lost one. curry, i hate him because he gets paid millions to be a PROFESSIONAL athlete. meaning, all feelings aside, ur being paid millions to do what i do for fun....and i should feel sorry for ur fat ass?? there should be a clause in a contract...the Jerome James do not get paid if ur overweight. or no playing time. or a fine....something!