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  • Chris Duhon

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  • Mardy Collins

    4 25.00%
  • Nate Robinson

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  • Stephon Marbury

    1 6.25%
  • Jamal Crawford

    11 68.75%
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    well, defense is not the only weakness on this team... it seems with all the running, no legs are left under the the 3ptshot on the second night of a back2back. this should improve as their conditioning improves during the season.

    at least we know Duhon can do a pretty good imitation of the NBA logo... but he aint no Jerry West, jajajajaja!!!

    The bright side of last night's loss should be that these guys never underestimate the competition.

    Let's pray for Chandler's knee.
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    Default Chandler!

    He better be okay when the season comes around. He is one of the few shining stars on this team. And Q Rich CAN NOT take his minutes from him. Crawford and Q Rich should play good minutes OFF THE BENCH.

    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    Did I see that right 4-31 from three??? Wow, at what point do you stop hoisting it up??? This is excactly what I was afraid of when we hired D'antoni. Run and gun turns into just throwing the ball up towards the rim and trying to out point teams. The 3 point shot is the lowest percentage shot in the game and we shoot 4-31??? Thats just wrong. As much as no one will admit it we will need an inside presence (Eddy Curry) to make this thing go. If you don't work inside out to collapse the defense then teams will just guard the 3 point line. I know its just pre-season but 4-31 from three is a disturbing trend.

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    this is mostly what i was getting at, but it seemed like i was blaming marbury

    they stopped moving...when i see malik rose taking threes, i KNOW somethings wrong, i dont have to be watching the game to figure it out. like i said, hopefully malik wont be getting those minutes if he keeps making those decisions. dare i say,crawford woulda had a better shot hitting those. (dumdumtssh)

    anyways, im sure their getting an earful and watching plenty of video, atleast we can go about our daily's knowing that lol
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