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    Default Steph - the good guy

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    Stephon Marbury watched the final presidential debate in the common room of a homeless shelter on the Bowery with a bunch of guys he met at Two Boots pizza. He kept his eyes on the tiny TV, laughing and scoffing along with the residents as McCain spoke—Marbury does a pretty good imitation of the senator—and smiling when it was Obama’s turn. “Look at Obama,” Marbury said, pointing at the screen. “You feel him. We feel him. You can feel his spirit when he speaks.” At one point, when the debate turned to the economy, Marbury snorted. “Middle class? We don’t have a middle class anymore.” As the millionaire said those words, the homeless agreed. “I love Starbury,” an excited resident said, referring to Marbury’s affordable sneaker and clothing line. “I can get hot shoes for like $30. Jordan wants me to pay $100.” Others gave him career advice. “Hey, you know, I see you doing good in the sixth-man role,” one resident offered. “It’s just a game,” Marbury answered, pointing at the screen. “There’s more to life.”

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    “In this system, it doesn’t matter who starts or who comes off the bench,” Marbury said. “Like Jamal, if he plays better starting than off the bench, I don’t mind coming off the bench so he can play at a high level.”
    People are ready to rip this man to shreds for any little slip up he makes...but we should also commend him when he does things like this.
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    Default False reports...or Contradicting statements?

    If this is true, then the report of him telling people that He won't play in NY coming off the bench, must have been false. Either Marbury can't decide what he really feels, or there are journalists creating false statements in the past month.

    I like to hear this from Stephon. Seems like a great guy outside of the spotlight and when his basketball career is not involved in the conversation. I heard him in an interview at his home and he seemed like a very spiritual and down to earth kind of guy. When basketball comes up, the drama can start up again. I think he just gets un-comfortable when his career or anything involving his team is brought up because the Knicks haven't been great for some time. It frustrates him and can make him do stupid things because of the atmosphere and the peolpe that use to be around him (Isiah).
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    Originally Posted by Trin_Starr
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    People are ready to rip this man to shreds for any little slip up he makes...but we should also commend him when he does things like this.
    Hey yo TrinStarr...thanks for all your articles, its good to finally see someone post some positive about Marbury...keep it up, you know the deal.

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    For some reason, the media has it in for Marbury. I guess they just need someone to blame. He seems like a very good person, and I love his shoeline. I wear my Starbury 1's most days and they're very comfortable.

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    I think he probably said both things and that's actually part of the problem.

    When someone says they won't come off the bench for the Knicks one day and then a few days later says he doesn't mind coming off the bench if it will make his teamate better and be better for the team, it sounds like he's either playing games through the media or not mentally stable. (both of which are bad).

    He should be praised for saying the latter if that's the way he really feels and if he doesn't act up again a few weeks from now because he changed his mind. We need team oriented thinking and playing.

    So far, after a few comments that we would have been better off without, he's playing very good ball and being a model teamate. That's why D'Antoni is rewarding him.

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