I also agree with metros analysis of danilo and his entire post

Big **** = Turkoglu with more swag

I think he'll be even better then Turkoglu

Duhon really aint that fast, i also picked up on that. Hes got good hands (no homo) on defense, but so does mardy collins. Marbury has better hands (no homo) then both of them. We really didnt need to sign duhorn.

I will say this though, every guard on this team is better then crawford.

Nate R, Duhorn, Starbury, and even Mardy Collins....

Crawmurked lost


I will change my sig for the start of the season, but for now i gotta keep this one. I gotta pay homage to one of the all time greats, who at age 43 officially made kelly pavlik his son. Pavlik is 17 years younger then hopkins...