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i personally think he is part of the old knicks and with players like lee and chandler
Every Knick on the Roster save Roberson, Gallo, Duhon, EJ and Grunfeld are part of the old Knicks too. D you have as much problem with them?

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i think you all misunderstand duhon... he isnt going to be a super star but can be solid in many different categories and give everyone there touches
Trust me my friend, this is not a revelation. Everyone on this site thinks this same thing you do. No one misunderstands that talent wise he is not as good as Steph, or quite frankly, maybe none of the g's cept maybe Collins. I guess this is why it seems pretty silly to most that Duhon is somehow starting over more talented players.

D'antoni's whole theme was based on him not prejudging the players. Well he basically already did that when he decided Duhon had to be brought in here because of preconcieved notion, that no one on the roster would be able to distribute. Steph has played better in less time. Let's just be honest.

But that being said, Duhon can run the system. He just needs imo to make things happen a bit more on his own. And in time, that may become easy for him. Or not. Hope so though. We need it.

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marbury is talented i will never argue that possibly the biggest talent on our team but he doesnt mesh anymore and could quite possibly hold back our younger players
What tells you this? Can't be the preseason games, which is all we've had to go on. Because Steph looks very capable. He and Nate have been our best g's.