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    Originally Posted by brooklyn_baller318
    i know no one will agree with me on this and you will all rip my opinion to shreds but that doesnt bother me....
    duhon may be slower and not as electrifying as nate or marbury but guess what hes a point guard....
    he is what the knicks need....
    so far this preseason he has been getting around 10 points a game while getting around 4 or 5 rebs and 6 or 7 assists
    nate is quick gets points and steals and marbury is yes some think he is amazing... i personally think he is part of the old knicks and with players like lee and chandler and gallo you need a guy that wont demand the spot like marbury and has no problem with a pass first offense....
    i think you all misunderstand duhon... he isnt going to be a super star but can be solid in many different categories and give everyone there touches

    personally i like the lineup

    chandler...q rich
    lee... gallo

    duhon is not a star pg but will give chandler his shots will keep crawford from trying to do too much and will provide a stable personality that possibly could keep things from falling apart...

    marbury is talented i will never argue that possibly the biggest talent on our team but he doesnt mesh anymore and could quite possibly hold back our younger players
    Starbury could help Chandler excel in his game much better, players know who Starbury is and will double even triple team him because he is well-known to slash to the basket thus creating looks for other players....

    Chris Duhon on the other hand ...who is this? Lol he's done some mild slashing but is not gonna be near the caliber of Starbury.

    Also if you noticed Crawfords play, he has been passing the ball a lot more then he has too.

    He's trying TOO hard sometimes to be like a team player and now he is thrown off on what to do most of the time. He will get a wide open look and just pass because he doesn't trust his shot or he doesn't think he's doing the right thing by shooting which I wouldn't blame him because his chuck shot is not something you can rely on anyhow.

    D Antoni' wants Jamal to be more aggresive, not taking wide open shots or even attemping to drive and create is not helping. At least be some sort of an offensive threat and try to overshadow your lack of defense damnit.

    He's being exposed like I said, I'm not saying he's totally useless but he had imaginary numbers last year due to longevity on the court and ownership of the basketball.

    I can admit that he made some decent passes but he still needs to adjust himself or be left on the bench, whichever he happens is fine as long as he's not starting.

    D Antoni' has not been liking his game and should make us fans happy and let him just come off the bench.
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