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Great Game Thread MSGKnickz33! i think you should do all the game threads you provide so much more insight to the game in your game threads.

we're gonna win this game theres not a doubt in my mind i know we lost all pre-season games but that was preseason who give a flying f**k.

our schedule to start of the season is pretty good we could start 5-2, but 4-3 is the realistic record

any new news on Chandler? last i heard he was expected to play i see him getting 18,7,3 and 2 blocks...how about Gallo is he gonna play?

whats with espn they dont like us or something [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] the player projections they got marbury getting 363 points with Curry(who aint in the rotation) scoring more than Marb's are you f**kin serious....i cant wait till this season is under way we're gonna make these retarts shut the f**K up

overall this is gonna be a fun season and i agree MSGKnickz33 Chandler gonna breakout

dude, I'm doing some, at least 5 aight MSG??