Amazing pre game thread MSGKnickz33! I co-sign almost everything you had to say throughout. Great job.

I'm really excited about this game. I hope we play well and get a win. If we get blown out or lose a heartbreaker, I'm not so sure I'll be able to handle it with a lot of self control. A guy can only take so much losing.

Let's also hope Gallinari looks decent if he gets minutes. I'm not expecting that much from such a young player that missed so much time, but I want to see "something" that encourages me that by the end of the year we might have another very good player and prospect like Chandler.

I'm so happy that Curry is getting buried on the bench! If there's any hope for him at all, this will finally get the message home. If not, it doesn't matter because he's a waste of talent the way he has been anyway.

A Dead Man > Curry