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Whatever makes you feel good MSG.. If it gives you satisfaction to believe those things more power to ya. Cause hey you and Metro deffinately write some hilarious stuff on here. But ABCD? Really? (When Marbury continues to rot on the bench is that classified as a loss?)

ABCD's posts consist of the same old tired stuff. "If Marbury doesn't start and play 38 minutes we're going to win 13 games this season... blah blah blah" Even you admit that he's not in the future and at this point a buyout wouldn't be a bad idea.

And Portega dude you really gotta stop cause i don't want to do this stuff to ya. So just go ahead and gloat about your imaginary high test scores and your college degrees. Hey i'm very proud that you graduated college and have a job. You are 40 and apparently have a bunch of kids so you better have a job.

But hey i'm 24 with a college degree and a job so i'm yet to be impressed.
It doesnt matter what happens with marbury, team starbury wont be taking any losses. The chances of us losing are equivalent to the chances of nyknicks126 aka the racist polish kid making a return.

As for abcd, i would be afraid to disagree with him. Hes a 3 way poster....stats, analysis, and insults. Hes the type that not just win an arguement, but he leaves his oppenents feeling useless like eddy curry.