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And yesterday it didn't sound as if the phone were ringing off the hook. "People call and they're trying to see what you're doing," Walsh said. "It's not that hot, I wouldn't say that. But there are conversations going on."

Most teams with any interest in the Knicks' players are in observation mode right now, according to some NBA team executives. For instance, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons are believed to be monitoring Zach Randolph, who has played very well so far, but his contract ($48 million left over three years) still compromises the Knicks' 2010 plan.

With Rasheed Wallace having an absolutely horrible preseason and in the last year of his contract, perhaps Dumars is willing to provide New York with a little cap relief in exchange for Zach Randolph. Although pairing Randolph with the young and inexperienced Amir Johnson may be a risk, it may be riskier allowing the Cavaliers acquiring Randolph's services and leaping ahead of Detroit in the Central.

Not really a strong article, but this is good for open discussion.

I would do(fair, both reasonable deals for both teams)

Rasheed for Zach works.

Detroit gets an offensive presence inside who would fit in with their half court offense.

Knicks get a PF who can spread the floor and play defense...something none of our bigs can do.

Plus, Rasheed expires, and this is a major plus for the Knicks.

With Cleveland

This should be our goal:

Get all expiring contracts; ,Snow, Wally and Wallace who expires in 2010.

Knicks trade

Cavs trade

PG - Williams/West/Gibson
SG - Crawford/Palvovic/Kinsey
SF - James/Richardson/Jefferies
PF - Randolph/Hickson
C - Ilgaukaus/Varejao/Wright

Cleveland gets two 20 ppg scorers...huge help for Lebron, along with their new scoring PG in Williams. That should be enough offensive firepower to take pressure off Lebron and take Cleveland to the next level.

With that...I would offer OKC



Serge Ibaka


something...Curry is so useless to this point who knows what trade value he has.

or do Curry/Lee for Camby..iono, Curry sucks so bad.

Line up for the Knicks if we pull off that Cleveland deal

Guard1 - Duhon/Snow
Guard2 - Marbury/Robinson
Point F - Gallinari/Wally
Wing F - Chandler/Ewing
PF/C - Lee/Wallace

Run a 4 - 1 offense...preform successfully and have cap flexibility.