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Stop lying. Herb goons like you get no play.
The league took me 2 minutes to make, and 3 minutes to make this thread. Thats longer than you performance in bed.
I created a league for the FORUM, pendejo.
It helps keep the good members of this site up to date with other NBA players, injuries and etc.
I like bringing this forum together because its an interesting group of crazy ass Knick fans.

You live in the white boy neighborhood...come to the BX and see me, on the basketball court and in the boxing ring.
I'll strain your hamstrings, quads and calves if you like too, have you all f*cked up like the little puto you are.

Nice, you're in Law School so you must know everything since graduated and mastered every textbook.

You have no character or credibility, I honestly didn't know you posted on this site until you came crying and b*itching on my thread. So in reality and in your terms of Law School, I would be attacking nothing since theres nothing there for me to attack. Find a character and build up some credibility. I don't think you'll be able to do that through playing fantasy basketball on Yahoo, ESPN, Google, CNN, PBS...get a life son.
Again, I could go into personal attacks on you and your low class spanglish speak, but I'll choose to rise above it. There's no need for you to attack me, but for someone who talks about getting ass all the time you sure seem rather obsessed with another dude's sexual performance...

I agree, fantasy is a fantastic way to get people more knowledgeable and up-to-date on happenings around the league.

You honestly think I care of what some guy on a Knicks message board has to say about me? Trust me, all you are doing is making yourself look more low class. You know I'm right because you still haven't answered any of my critiques of the system you've established. You honestly think I care if you've known that I posted? Oh no some random low life on Knicksonline.com doesn't know who I am, crap...I have no character? Just because I don't go around bashing people and talking in spanish doesn't mean I have no character you low class piece of mierda.

I have no credibility? After my first post on this board ever people were begging me to post more, nominating me for post of the month. I was invited here from someone on hoopshype.com because someone noticed the high quality of my posts, and my well thought out intelligent arguments.

I'm not scared of you metrocard, newsflash. Nothing you say about my "performance" or my character affects me in any way, shape or form. You don't know, you don't know anything about me besides a screen name. Get over it, you're wrong. I'm right. Sorry.