I found all that stuff about Garnett and Duncan.

For the record, that game (Game 1) was on May 9, 1999, which just happened to be Mother's Day, 1999 -- leading to a pretty good supposition that if Garnett was ever going to wish Timmy a Happy Mother's Day, it was that day. (curiously, the T'Wolves were almost always out of the playoffs by Mother's Day in other years and when they were in at that juncture (2004), they were playing the Kings and not the Spurs). <!--- end of box border --> <!-- -->
That's the game it supposedly happened. Supposedly, when Duncan was shooting free throws, Garnett said, "Happy Mother's Day, mother ****er."
Tim's mother died the day before his 14th birthday.

And here's some more video (as if it was needed) that KG is a suckerpunching bitch.