Look I know Donnie is against cutting a player a check to let him go. I know the idea of having a player on your payroll who is not playing is pretty damn stupid. But news flash....Jerome James is on our team's payroll and guess what....he is not playing! If Donnie really believes that Robertson and Ewing have a place on this team then that is more than what could be said for Jerome! Yes in essance it's like getting Ewing and Robertson for 14 million (their salaries, plus what is still owed to Jerome) but if they each play in 4 games this season they will have given more production than Jerome would've for sure. Now the only benefit in keeping Snacks is that next season Jerome represents a expiring contract which is a trading chip, but since Walsh's mission is to get under cap the season after next I doubt he utilizes any expiring contract next year.

Bottom line....Regardless if we cut Jerome James or not either way we are paying for absolutley nothing!

Just imagine if Ewing gets cut after an outing like Friday just to watch Jerome on the bench for another season.