For All you knick fans (and obviously the entire Knick organization) do you all remember that we won game 1 last year. I forgot where the game was or who the opponent was, but I do remember it was on the road. I can't believe the people on this website and NY media who think that just because the Knicks beat the Miami heat last (one of the worst teams in the NBA last year) night that we are automatically fixed. People we have 81 games left in the season.

Believe me this. MIKE D' WILL BE GONE BY THE END OF THE YEAR. He has made so many mistakes it's not even funny. Telling the NY media that Eddy Curry is not part of the rotation before he has the class and deceny to tell Eddy first. Calling the NY fans a$$holes. Commenting slyly that "at least we know we won't lose every game this year". And last night, not playing the hometown kid Stephon Marbury even though he is clearly the most talented player on this team. Hall of fame coach and NBA CHAMPION Larry Brown could not last cuz he had an ego bigger than the team. MIKE D Will be out quicker than Larry. How you don't play the most talented player on the team is beyond my imagination.