Where do we begin? Tim Thomas leaves after a quarter because of a stomach ache? Play through it.... These games are big right now. We have a 14 point lead and blow it... OK. Then, Kenny Thomas banks a wild 3 in to force overtime. Ok.... We have a two point lead at the end of the overtime and K Thomas doesn't box out, Eric Snow misses badly and K Thomas has an easy put back to force second overtime... Ok... In the second overtime, we score two points on a goaltending, and THAT IS IT!
Allan Houston, where are you? Steph, where are you? I obviously omitted the Nazr Mohammed missed layup at the end of regulation and the disallowed catch and dunk at the end of the first OT. But this team has to want it more than this. I understand they were dog tired in the second OT but at least score a little... Come on.... Just had to vent.... Now bring on Milwaukee..