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Oh you're preaching to the choir on Crawford. Watching Spurs games where a player gets his ass chewed out for having bad shot selection, it drive me nuts to watch Crawford. I'm just no sold on Marbury. As much as I think D'Antoni is a whiny bitch of a coach, I also think he's a good judge of talent and knows who would work in his systems.
I partially agree about D'antoni but only time will tell. D'antoni doesnt see marbury in the future plans and I got no problem with that. Were tryin to get under the cap in 2010 and it makes sense to re-sign him. But it dont make sense benchin him when hes still the best guard. And i hope to see him get the chance so who can prove that to alotta people. Hes got a large group of haters now. Alotta the sh!t they say about him is unfair. If there not gonna play him they should buy him out.