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Yeah, we would be up by 40 points if Mebury was playing...NOT. Back to reality guys. The 76ers are a much better team than the Knicks, with or without Mebury. This is a rebuilding year, so why play a guy that has nothing to do with the future and you want to evaluate players that might be a part of the future.

Rubio is a much better defender than Nash. He led the league in steals the last couple of years.
No one said we would be up by 40. Marburys ability to score, break down defenses, and find open teammates would make this game closer. And i think hes a better defender then Duhorne. If you dont think he should play i cant change your opinion. Theres alotta people who feel that way. I just think with how hard hes worked out, with him showing effort at improving his attitude, and what hes gettin paid he should be playing. IHe should at least get the chance to earn some of his money. We've payed him alotta money and obviously things havent gone well since isiah brought in larry brown but thats not marburys fault. That specific year, his attitude couldve been better considering what he was gettin paid but hes been better since 06-07.

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Problem was, there really was no big to be signed, MSG. Chris Duhon has been pretty unspectacular so far. Hasn't been terrible, but hasn't really helped us at all. And his defense seems pretty overrated, once again, not terrible but nothing special. It's still obviously very early in the season, so we'll see. I think if Starbury was in the game, we'd still be losing, but it wouldn't be the blowout it's turning into. He could provide some sorely needed easy baskets with his penetration. Also, it is painfully obvious that we need an interior defensive presence.
That O'bryant guy the celtics signed didnt look bad in preseason. He was blockin some shots which is exactly what we need. Im guessin they signed him for the minimum. He hasnt played yet for them so maybe im wrong about him but for the minimum it cant hurt. We signed roberson and duhon, it just doesnt make sense that we signed 2 guards when interior defense is our biggest weakness and its been since kurt thomas and mutombo left.