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    did you type this with ya ass?

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    Default Dirk rules

    Originally Posted by Dirk
    David lees: Keep him, is goode
    EDy Curry: watch him sink to bottom and laugh while he sink, bye buye edy fat piece of garbage is finaly where you is belong
    Nat roberson, we have little dwarve midget play for us belong in lord of the ring
    jamal cawrford - is like snowflakes touch himj he disapear into air
    Q richerdsen - big lady vagina

    Whether Dirk is putting on a face or not, he's one of my favorite posers on KO. These are valid points he makes, esp regarding snowflake Jamal and Q Rich vagina. I would like to check out a Knick game with Dirk, when he's not so pisssssed. Go Dirk Go! Keep David Lee!

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