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  • Brandon Jennings

    8 12.90%
  • Ricky Rubio

    22 35.48%
  • Demar DeRozan

    3 4.84%
  • Tyreke Evans

    1 1.61%
  • Blake Griffin

    10 16.13%
  • other

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    Nyk Logo I Know It's Early-But Who Should We Draft?

    as the season goes on-even though we're 3 games in, it's never too early to talk about the draft.

    We're projected as a lottery team that'll get high pick(Top 3) even though we thought the knicks would be competitve this season we have showen signs of just how bad we are. So my question is who do you want the knicks to draft. there are 5 players i really want us to even if we drop on the board like last year we'll have a shot at one of them.

    1. Brandon Jennings- seen by many as the second coming of allen iverson because of his quickness and scoring ability...he's a beeter passer but his scoring ability isn't as nice as Iversons. went to play in Europe rather than he'll get much more experience playing in the second highest level of basketball

    Strengths: Tremendous lefty point guard with a scary package of speed, athleticism, point guard skills and tenacity ... A natural. Really understands how to play the point guard position, the type who can penetrate at will and create offense for everyone ... Exceptional vision and passing ability ... Makes everyone around him better ... His speed pushing the ball up the floor is at an elite level ... Very feisty, a fighter, won't back down to anyone ... Has a great toughness and competitiveness about him ... A spectacular leaper, who regularly converts backdoor alley oops ... Shows a solid outside and mid range jump shot ... Creates very well off the dribble and gets to the rim well due to his explosive first step

    Weaknesses: Desperately needs to add muscle mass to his body ... Right now his body is about 20-25 pounds too light ... He can be pushed around by bigger and stronger guards, and is less effective at penetrating because he can't absorb contact ... He may struggle to put much strength and weight on, as he appears to have a naturally skinny body ... Can improve upon his offensive game. His jump shot and decision making are good but he'll need to develop those skills further ... Inexperience. He still must prove himself on the college level

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    2.Ricky Rubio-second coming of Steve Nash. he has a good shot from the perimeter and has a high basketball iq for someone his age(18)and can only get better...has a good drive and great on ball defense...

    Strengths: The problem with Ricky Rubio is: Where to start? He has more skill than anyone in his worldwide age group. Including but not limited to: Defense, anticipation, intelligence, ball handling, PG (vision) creation, rhythm, coordination, ambition, scoring and personality ... He is practically ambidextrous, has good foot speed (not great) and excellent body control ... With excellent use of speed/ direction changes he excels both on the open court and the half court game as a set up or assist man ... Catch and shoot is quick and clean ... A smart rebounder, he gets optimum position under both boards ... Voted the best Euro young player for 2007, he has only acceptable shooting %'s both from 2 and 3 points. His shooting delivery is consistent with no waste of time or extra movement. I ve thought about it a lot and think the best comparison to past-present NBA players would be the best of both Walt Clyde Frazier and Steve Nash ... At 17 years old he is already a feared and well respected ACB and Euro-level competitor. He is a warrior and plays all out, all the time. On top of that knows how to flop (with this kid it's an art form) ... He's also a master at getting to the FT line, where he knocs down a high rate (80%) ... Adventurous in his passing, he has two skills; Seeing and when necessary, creation of passing lanes. Excellent. Statistically he is a gem and he has personality. He leads. He knows how to win ... He will become a household name in many more households.

    Weaknesses: His outside shooting needs to continue to improve ... Maturity will bring the necessary leg strength and stability to shoot with better consistency ... His ratio of Assists/ Turnovers needs improvement, time and experience being the only necessary elements required. Related to this: His youthful inexperience sometimes gets him caught out of control when competing with physically stronger men at the highest Euro level ... He is thin but will fill out as his frame is good

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    3.Demar Derozan-he is an amazing athlete he has the body to get to the rim practically anytime he wants his jumpshot is good and he has out-of-this-world scoring ability compared to better stronger Vince Carter

    Strengths: An absolutely jaw dropping type of physical specimen ... His explosiveness is on the elite level for the NBA ... Already has a strong body and will only get stronger as his frame continues to fill out, so he'll be able to finish without any strength issues ... His game has improved tremendously in the past year. He now has a package of offensive skills including the ability to create shots off the dribble as well as range out to college three ... Has developed slick ball handling ability with a mean crossover, which he uses well to get by opponents to the basket or for setting up his outside j ... His perimeter shot has become fairly consistent, and his scoring ability has significantly increased ... Really excels on the break finishing with acrobatic dunks ... Uses his strong body well to take the ball inside against weaker athletes ... His basketball IQ has developed to where he has a good idea of when to drive, shoot or pass and takes what the defense gives him

    Weaknesses: Needs to become more consistent overall. Does not always play up to his abilities ... Must gain experience and develop more of a killer instinct. He's competitive, but can go through the motions when he's not on his game ... Has superstar potential, but must continue to work hard and not buy into his own hype to get there ... His ability to set up teammates and passing game could show some improvement ... Must learn to play with more intensity defensively ... His outside shot has become reliable but his midrange game can still improve ... His first steep is good, but not as quick as some of the NBA's top 2-guards.

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    4.Tyreke Evans-excellent feel on the offensive side has long arms which allow him to play bigger and gaurd slightly taller players athletic and has a great outside game compared to a smaller paul peirce

    Strengths: An elite level talent in his age group. A natural scorer with an excellent "feel" for the offensive side of the game, can put up big numbers on any given night ... Flashy. One of the most exciting players when he has the ball; the game comes very easy to him ... Long arms allow him to play bigger ... Extremely adept at taking opponents off the dribble. Has deceptive speed with the ability to blow by guys and get into the lane ... He has good finishing ability and is able to drive and kick ... A smooth ball handler with a nasty crossover ... Can shoot from anywhere on the court. Streaky, but can be lethal when he's on ... Already has an NBA range from behind the arc ... Can create his own shot and is excellent pulling up off the dribble ... Finds the open man; runs the fast break well ... Excellent penetrator. Very aggressive attacking the basket ... Has the versatility to play either guard position and the potential to develop into a point guard or combo at the NBA level

    Weaknesses: Was hyped a bit out of control as a high school sophomore. From magazine covers to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] half way through one's high school career can cause some to lose focus ... While he's very talented, he's got along ways to go before you could call him a sure fire NBA star ... Lacks discipline. He must improve his fundamentals. Dedicate himself to becoming great and not just rely on his natural abilties ... He is on a strength program but still needs to add strength to be able to finish off drives and handle physical opponents ... Since at times the game is so easy for him, it seems like he lacks effort and motivation ... He can be a lazy defender, does not always give great effort going after loose balls and rebounds ... Hasn't proven that he makes his teammates better or that he can take over important games during crunch time ... Must develop a killer instinct ... Must become better at playing off the ball. He's very good at creating with the ball in his hands, but must learn how to free himself for shots away from the ball ... A very good shooter, however the mechanics on his release are a little funky. He may need to adjust his shooting form some ... There's a lot of street to his game, so he'll likely need to tone it down some to limit turnovers and become a sound college player

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    5.Blake Griffin-is athletic for his size..and has the body to come into the league and produce right away can post up or step out and knock down the mid-range jumper great defensivly and a great rebounder compared to karl malone/carlos boozer

    Strengths: Griffin is very long and athletic; an excellent physique and build ... He excels at getting up and down the floor very quickly ... A ridiculous athlete and a monster on the boards and around the rim, currently just smashing on anyone that gets in his way ... Attacks the glass with reckless abandon ... Griffin has grown into his aggressiveness over the years as the team has relied on him more and more ... Can take long, driving steps to the basket but needs to be sure to keep the ball with him and not mishandle or leave it behind ... He has grown a good four or five inches since his freshman year, and is definitely adapting to his new size well ... Could create terrible matchup problems at the next level if he could expand his game out to the perimeter successfully, being able to drive by larger slower defenders or posting hard on smaller defenders ... Being the best player on the floor at any given time, he has learned to effectively pass out of double and triple teams ... A coach's son, Griffin definitely has the mental game and winning attitude it takes to become a great player. His high school team is seeking its fourth straight state championship this year and has lost only a couple games the past three seasons ... A fiery, emotional leader, the team undoubtedly goes as he goes ... He has an almost mindless killer instinct and intensity level, giving 110% every time he steps foot on the court ... Has incredibly intimidating size for an NBA small forward, but is probably going to be more comfortable playing in the post for the time being ... An excellent ball handler capable of facing the basket and getting by defenders

    Weaknesses: Could stand to work on a little bit of body control, at the moment smaller defenders are afraid to step in front on the drive and take a charge ... Defenders at the next level will play smarter and be more willing to put their bodies on the line ... Griffin would benefit greatly from being able to step out occasionally and drain threes at a decent percentage ... On fast breaks, he will often hesitate each time down the court looking for the alley-oop rather than cutting straight to the goal for a layup ... Sometimes this leaves his teammates with the ball hanging when they are expecting him to go hard to the hole ... At the moment, he would rather make the flashy play and get the crowd into the game rather than taking a sure two points ... Griffin is extremely confident, which is not necessarily a weakness, but must keep his head in the game at all times ... Playing 2A basketball throughout high school, Griffin has not encountered much notable competition ... Conversely, his AAU team "Athlete's First" is one of the better teams in the country, so he faces more formidable defenders outside of school ball ... Brother and former teammate Taylor Griffin also successfully made the jump to Big 12 basketball after facing the same questions regarding his transition to division one

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    my question to you is who do you want us to pick?
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