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Isiah gave away cap space and picks for one dimensionally unmotivated talent...

We're giving away average players for a potential superstar and at worst a Rajon Rondo.

As for Holiday, I may be wrong about him since I brought up Rondo.

You don't really need a set jumpshot in the NBA to be sucessful as a PG. Look at Rose and Rondo for example.

if Holiday develops his midrange jumper, he could be a threat; think Gary Payton.

But I don't know enough about Holiday's work ethic is why I remain unknown and critical of him.

Anyone got some inside articles?

Because Knicks are heavily favoring Holiday/Curry/Evans/Flynn.

They're not bad choices, neither of them because all of them will be NBA starters.

I obviously have a bias towards Lawson and Rubio, but thats just me.
rubio>holiday no doubt, but i was reading the thread before, and you seemed pretty high on curry in the past, did davidson rocky finish change your perspective on him?