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First off your argument was not that Duhon has not been consistent all season, because had that been your argument I would have to agree. Your argument was that his points per game were not enough to help the Knicks. And my argument to that is that on a team with as many scorers as we have there is no need for more than 6-8 pts from your PG. Stephon Marbaury said it himself when The Knicks got Zach that he wouldnt be scoring as much. I think he predicted that he would score only about 10 a night. So my point again about Duhon is that he is not needed to score a lot. He was not signed to score, but to distribute to the scorers on the team like he did against Washington. Your logic only takes scoring into consideration when talking about offensive production, but that thinking is shallow because assist and TOs do factor into offensive production. Again not a total fan of Duhon just calling it like I see it. Right now he has something like a 7 to 1 ast TO ratio, will that stat likely taper off? I'd bet my brand new car it will! But, he is not nearly as bad as people are making him out to be is all I'm saying.

Please say how they are getting zero offense from Q when he is averaging close to 15 per game? And you say my posts are illogical!

Read my last post, I never said that this win meant anything more than a confidence builder, we won on the road after nearly surrendering a double digit lead, past Knick teams wouldve folded right after Caron Butler put the Wizards up. In order for the players to have confidence in their coach's philosophy it has to win them games. They won a game playing Dantoni ball so in that respect it was a good win. Now does this win mean were going to be a playoff team, like I said before Hell NO! But, if nothing else it gives our players confidence in the system.

Lastly: What I need you to realize is that I don't play this whole game of who is a good poster and who is a bad poster ok. And no offense homie you would be the last one who's opinion I would give a damn about if I did care about my rating as a poster. If not cosigning garbage means that I am a bad poster, then so be it, I'll wear that title with honor. But,ABCD I'm going to take it easy on you right now because it would be too easy to go at you.
Q-rich is averaging 12.2 points per game, not 15. Hes the type of player that has games where hes not a factor. After last year, he hasnt proven yet that hes back. We've only seen 5 games, if hes still shootin better at the end of the month ill give him some credit.

Duhon is averaging 6 assists and 1 turnover. Before the previous game he was averaging less than 5 assists. His defense is overrated, he got owned the first 4 games. If arenas wasnt hurt, duhorn woulda got lit up again.