Wilson Chandler, preseason performance was just as good as any player that was in his draft class (Durant). It would be hard for any coach to look the other way on Chandler's consistent all-around performance. Especially playing Chandler out of his natural position.

Knick Politics is funny, to make SF-Chandler a starter they must take F/C-David Lee out of the starting lineup.

Q.Richardson is just another bad seen out of the Clippers draft class that was awarded a big contract which he never earned by his winning performance by a dum G.M. in Phoenix.

The Knicks coach already have 3-players earning $39M on his DNP list this season (Marbury, Curry, and James).
Dantoni knows that not starting Q.Rich will lead to Q.Rich pulling the same back injury problem he did in Phoenix when Phoenix picked up Jim Jackson contract to replace Q.Rich in the starting lineup.
I dont think coach Dantoni want to add on to the injured-list by raising it any hire than Jefferies $6M, by adding a back injury Q.Rich $8M this season.

In other words Knick-players Q.Rich, Crawful, and Zach are not comming off the bench with out causing a New York catastrophy.

The facts still remain the same that Wilson Chandler is a 6.8 SF (like 6.9 Danny Granger), he is not a PF in his 2nd season in the NBA.

Another fact is when it comes to the complimentary tandem of "Nate & Lee" together..... as starters or comming off the bench together.... the two has always found ways together to exploit their oponents no matter who the Knick teammates they had on court with them. There is no two players on this Knick team that plays as well as those two together.

David Lee & Nasty-Nate are not happy campers in this Knick organization when they were not offered an extension to their contract. And always looked on as 2nd tier energy players on this team.
They will not perform at a rate where they will take any chance of getting injured before their FA market season (the Knicks did not offer them any gurantees after this season).
I see both players comming down with a minor injury at the start of midseason to miss about 10 to 20 games, and comming back at the last 10 to 15 games at the end of the season to raise their value in the FA market.