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but were not pheonix.

We don't have arguably the best young big (stouds) in the game to through it too, or one of the best defenders (marion), or even one of the best three point shooters (bell, barbosa)

Its not all about points, and this has been a huge problem in the past.

We thought Curry was God for a season because he got 20 points but he didn't do anything else. Theres a bigger picture.

With Duhon on the court we were only -2, I love this statistic as it shows the impact, and clarifies my point that there is more than scoring
I never thought Curry was God. I was one of the few people on here that knew he sucked, even when he averaged 19 points.

D'Antoni's system does not make an emphasis on defense, so we need offense from Duhon and Richardson.