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    Default Anthony, Rivers, Strickland, Jackson, Childs, Ward &...Duhon?

    While with the Knicks:

    Greg Anthony-6.5ppg,4.0 assists
    Rod Strickland-8ppg, 4.0 assists
    Doc Rivers-7.5ppg, 2.5 assists
    Mark Jackson-13ppg, 8 assists
    Chris Childs-7ppg, 5 assists
    Charlie Ward-7.5ppg, 5.5 assists

    And now the stat that will set villages a-flame:

    Chris Duhon-6.9ppg, 4.5assists (career in chicago and ny so far)

    obviously you will cry about minutes played, etc. but duhon played LESS minutes than most of the guys above, his numbers will only increase in rebounds and assists with an increase in minutes. and Jackson & Strickland are the only ones out of those guys that really got a chunk of minutes on the in point,their numbers are larger. if duhon can stay consistant and keep the ball moving, theirs no reason he couldnt be considered in this it or not..

    is he a nba legend? no

    is he the right point guard for us? yes
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