haha good game for us. im aware it was against memphis. im aware they played a hard game the other night. im aware our first quarter wasnt perfect but JESUS GUYS?! can we not shut up and say a win is a win. we know we arent the best team in the league but im starting to believe that all of you would rather have us fail and lose all the time so you would have something to complain about.

we are winning! not beautifuly or with big names. or with your marbury or curry in the lineup but we are winning!!!!!

im sorry to get all upset with this.. i just grew up in a new york where a win is a win. a victory is sweet even though it might be slightly bitter. i dont understand this new mentality. yes haters i see you. we all do. its about time we support our team.. thats what true fans do... if not you, i, WE as a unit will become the worst thing in american sports history... PHILLY FANS?>!?!?!?!?!? ahhhhhhhh