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Kiya i think your just complaining for the sake of complaining. We played a godo game. Sure it was against Memphis but the fact remains Memphis went 2-0 against us last season.

Z-Bo still has awful shot selection at times but he's been pretty solid this season. I'd say averaging close to 20 and 10 ain't to shabby. He's never going to be a defensive stopper but you can actually see him putting in the effort on defense. Duncan lit him up but i did feel like Zbo atleast made Duncan work for his buckets.

As far as Crawford goes, hes been our best player point blank. He still has shaky shot selection but compared to the last few seasons his shot selection is better. Also when Crawford decides to drive to the hoop he becomes a dangerous player. Again i'm not going to say he's a good defender but he atleast is using his speed and long arms to get some steals. He's never going to be a Bruce Bowen but he can atleast be a mediocre defender like Allan Houston.

Kiya you gotta stop living in the past. Isiah didn't play the young guys like you asked for, D'Antoni wasn't here so how can he get the blame for that. From the loosk of it Chandler, Lee, and Nate are deeply intrenched in the rotation so i don't understand what your possible complaint is.

And i agree most old time fans would much rather have a defensive team but even if we hired a defensive coach we don't have the personnel to be a defensive team. I think hiring a coach like D'Antoni was what fit the personnel best, not to mention he has a great reputation around the league that will help us land free agents.

We are 5-3 which ain't perfect but compared to the last 8 years its pretty close to perfect. Enjoy the ride because most likely there is going to be some down swings.
Robinson's and Chandler's contributions have been more in my view than Crawford's.