First off I have to say that Donnie Walsh showed great patience in not giving the contract extension to David Lee just yet. Not to say that David isnt worth an extension, but he is a very cheap, productive player and frankly that combination hasnt found The Knicks too often in recent years.Now, Lets flashback to Channing Frye; remember how Isiah turned down some really nice packages because he didnt want to package Frye (Ron Artest,Lamar Odom, just to name a couple). Now we all know that Frye's numbers dipped and he would eventually become a throw in player in the Francis/Randolph trade. So is it time to move David Lee while his value is still high in risk of losing value?

Some of you may think that I'm suggesting trading David Lee because his numbers have dipped a answer to that is hell yeah! I think David Lee is still a double double type player but my concern is will his trade value drop if his numbers fall. Not to mention I can't see The Knicks giving both he and Nate extensions next year, so someone has to go and Nate looks to be Dantoni's favorite player currently. Look I like David Lee he is probably my favorite current Knick, so this is nothing against him, but I would hate to sit on another player too long like we did with Sweetney,Frye, and Balkman.

So what do you think