I am not good at making Game-Threads
but a member wrote something that needed clarity

A very interesting game Knicks vs Mavs

We can not forget our last game with the Thunders where we ran out of GAS, Energy, or legs, whatever. When we let a Knicks 30 point lead dwindle down to a 7 point lead....also giving them 3 tries to bring it down to 5.

The Mavs loss to the Lakers inside scoring game (Bynum, Gallo, Odom, and Ariza taking to the paint) inwhich the Mavs had the lead the majority of the game. Our scoring in the paint area has been real low.

Size-ing up the players:

Dampier & Diop will make Zach shoot 85% of his shots from outside.

Dirk will keep Lee & Chandler outside from getting any defensive rebounds.

Howard has owned Q.Richardson in every game they played in their career.

Terry will only give Crawful open 25 feet jumpshots anything else is a battle or trade of points. Terry will give Crawful some open closer shots when the Mavs is up by 10 or more.

Kidd vs Duhon will let owner Cuban know if he made the big mistake in the trade for an old demanding Kidd for a young energetic Harris.

The Knicks Bench has the complete energy Winning-Players on it with "Nasty-Nate, Chandler, and Dave Debuscher Lee.

Mavs on the other hand their bench has been weak with Diop and coach Carlisle enemy Stachouse who have not forgot that Carlisle had him traded when he practically lead the league in scoring for two straight seasons under Carlisle.

Very interesting game to watch