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iight iight

Jump Ball// lets get it started//
killin other teams// our dealy departed//
starbury startin?// you must be retarded//
if u commin for the jam// then let wilson guard em'//
James n Curry ridin pine, eatin mickey-Dees//
marbs on the bench, collecting DNP's//
q.bricks missin 3's// like he's got a disease//
but no matter what blue n orange be the colours i bleed//

just a couple bars off the dome while im at work....definitely spit sumthin l8r
i liked the ending, Toons.

Jerome James dis

This ones about Jerome, the only dude that works out while the food network is on.
SOrry i had to laugh at this fat waste of life, imagine if it was legal to name certain foods your wife?
He'd have mad bitches in every single room, from Big Macs to White Castles and brining in Pizza by noon.
When James goes down on a chick, it's not what your thinking, it's the equivalent to the drink on his stomach that always keeps sinking.
The fat is overwhelmin, please tells this dude somethin, doesn't he realize that Jenny Craig isn't a damn muffin?
I'm rolling on the floor, laughing so hard that the thought of Jerome James makes me thnik of a retard.
Down syndrome aint funny, so is Jerome James wasting money, but this retard needs to just face reality.
Fans would laugh countlessly because NYK is the team I rep everyday and if Jerome will bring us down then today should be that fat lards last payday.
James has no problems, no birth defects, fatness should be a new one to keep in check.
Dr. Phil would host a show, titled uncontrolled habits, Jerome James would star as the food Maverick.
The John McCain of food is just a savage, bringing havok to anyone that thinks food should just be ravaged.
James gave advice, take your time and eat slow, like the way Crawford went down on Isiah always down for the blow.
Dr. Phil laughed as the crowd said he was a disgrace, that he had no taste, just food and hopefully one day have god's grace.
Dr.Phil was wearing a mask, it turned out to be Springer, the crowd yelled for Jerry to put up his middle finger.
Jerry put up the finger but didn't want to linger, he saw James was getting hungry and called out the scheduled singer.
Stall some time he said while I peace, please dont let James see me leaving or i'll be deceased.
The cause of death will be cannibalism, as rare as exorcism, so fatass James would be heading to prison.
Jerome can't take it, his retarded head can't shake it, that the fact of being fat has him mutilated.
One day Jerome got off his ass, James's actually thought 6 second abs really worked that fast.
he mourned that the day will just never come, to run for 1 minute and not be winded and done.
Screw James and bring back Patrick Ewing's son.