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Predections of dirk:
knick is win, zac ranfolfs 50 point 23 rebound

duhon 21 asist

nah Jamel Crawfed will get 70 points, and Note Roboson getin 19 rebonds.


But seriously epic game thread, must have taken a fair while. I expect Knicks to win this. Through our fast offense, and Milwaukee will not be able to capitalise on our bad defense.

Random Fact of the night; Duhons assist to turnover rate is over 4. Higher than Nash's in his MVP year, and 2nd in the league.

With his good handle, and the inform Chandler, n Zbo we should win by 10+.

As well, I am looking forward to Jeffries coming back, who is the teams best defender, and should look huge minutes, and hopefully produce games like Bowen, whom I know isn't a great comparison, yet is one of the best defenders in the league