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    Default Nets lose to the Pistons-what does this mean for the Knicks

    The Nets were dominated by the Pistons defense. Kid had a poor shooting night, K-Mart was furstrated. Now comes the big game against the Knicks at the Garden. I don't have a clue on how this game will play out. The Nets are undoubtably pissed off now. They also may be a little worn down from this game. If was Wilkens, I would make my team watch video on this game and stress the ways the Pistons clamped down on defense. Hopefully Houston plays tonight. What are you guys thinking about tonights game now that the Nets are coming off a humiliating loss to the Pistons. Here's the article on last nights game.

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    Default knicks need to come out physical to have a chance

    I think that the knicks are going to have a tough game ahead of themselves today. After the nets got spanked yesterday, they are definitely going to push the break against the knicks. However I also heard that there is a possibility that kidd and martin may not play. If this happens the knicks have a decent chance to win, however if those two play then if think the nets will win. If the knicks want to win then they are going to have to get full team participation in the scoring column, and be able to slow down the tempo of the game. Both Thomas (Tim and Kurt) need to step up this game if the knicks want a shot. However in the end I think the nets will be a little too much, as they have been for most teams in the east.

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    if you're right abouyt k-mart and kidd, then we might have a chance
    still, allan houston could miss the game
    When the Knicks play the Nets on Friday night in Madison Square Garden, they may have to face their faster and quicker rivals without their most dangerous outside shooter.
    On Thursday, for the second straight day, Allan Houston did not practice with the Knicks. The bone bruise above his left knee had not healed enough.
    "It's not that bad," Houston said. "It's just sore now."
    But it was bad enough and sore enough to leave him questionable for the game against the Nets, who have the third-best record in the Eastern Conference.
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    This loss should show the knicks that the Nets are definately beatable with good defense. The Knicks cannot afford to have defensive lapses in this game. Even if Kidd and Martin play, if the Knicks play the defense that we know they are capable of playing, they should win this game.

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