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    Default 11/22 Knicks Vs. Wizards 7:30 PM EST

    Your NY Knicks


    The Washington Wizards


    The most famous arena in the world


    Tonight's game comes after last night's loss to the Bucks, and the second night where we will see the shorthanded Knicks, and first at home.

    This is all following the news that G Jamal Crawford, C/F Zach Randolph, and G Mardy Collins had been traded to Golden State, and the LA Clippers respectively.

    On a different note, last night did note the first time since the season opener that G Stephon Marbury was active, even though he did not make an appearance.

    If you happened to miss last night's game versus the Bucks, you're lucky. It was a **** fest. Yet if you really want to give it a look, look no further than here;

    The question for tonight's game against the (1-9) Washington Wizards is, "Can we bounce back?!"

    First lets look at a few key statistical facts from last night's game:

    1. Last night marked the first time that G Chris Duhon scored 20+ points as a Knick, yet it also marked the first time that he had more turnovers than assists.

    2. The Knicks only dressed 8 players, playing 7. It is unlikely that this will change as Jerome James remains out with "Family Matters," Eddy Curry remains out with a sore knee, Danilo Gallanari remains out with a sore back, and Jared Jeffries' leg remains broken.

    3. Forwards Quentin Richardson and Wilson Chandler combined for 14 points on 5 for 26 shooting in the losing effort against the Bucks.

    4. The team shot 33.3% while holding the Bucks to 47.1% shooting.

    5. The team as a whole shot a dismal 16% from beyond the arc, going 4 for 25.
    Pregame Predictions:

    The New York Knick Starting Lineup:

    At Pointguard:

    Chris Duhon

    At Shooting Guard:

    Nate Robinson

    At Small Forward(AKA Brick Forward):

    Quentin Richardson

    At Power Forward:

    Wilson Chandler


    At Center:

    David Lee

    The Starting Lineup for the Washington Wizards:

    F Caron Butler C JaVale Mcgee F Antawn Jamison

    G Deshawn Stevenson G Dee Brown

    TunerAddict's Prediction:

    Knicks 93, Wizards 102

    Player Matchups:

    At Pointguard:

    Chris Duhon vs Dee Brown

    This matchup pits two former great college pointguard against each other, even though neither has found great success in the NBA.

    Coach Eddie Jordan has elevated Dee into the starting lineup as of late, but to many its a real mystery. All indicators show him to be a great college player who lacks both the size and skill to be an effective pro. However, the same can be said about Duhon.

    Don't look for a big scoring night from either of these two men, maybe a few assists and a few turnovers, but no much from either of these former college greats.


    At Shooting Guard:

    Nate Robinson vs. Deshawn Stevenson

    Nate had a poor shooting night last night and don't expect that to change. Deshawn Stevenson is an underrated defender and with his height advantage, should give Nate problems.

    Neither player will score a whole lot, but Nate will take more shots. Deshawn never turned out to be the 20ppg scorer they thought he'd be when he was drafted out of HS, but hes made a name for himself defensively in the last couple years.

    Advantage Wizards

    At Small Forward:

    Quentin Richardson vs. Caron Butler

    While Quentin Richardson had shown in his time with the Knicks that he can be a good defender, don't expect it tonight as Caron Butler should destroy him. But then again, he normally destroys everyone. Expect a few mid range jumpshots in Q's face and some uncontested drives.

    Advantage Wizards

    At Power Forward:

    Wilson Chandler vs. Antawn Jamison

    As good as Chandler has been playing, he had a rough night last night. Expect him to bounce back offensively and take it to rim more.

    Jamison is a 20 and 10 guy who can bang inside or take it out. Expect him to sit around his season average offensively.


    At Center:

    David Lee vs. JaVale McGee

    Hey! It rhymes!

    JaVale McGee is looking good for a rookie and has a clear advantage in both height and athletic ability. However, he does have the young man's tendency to try and showboat as we saw in the first game as he missed easy dunks because he tried to showboat.

    David Lee may be outmatched height wise, but look for him to take it at McGee. He may not have the physical presence but he will still work hard to help his team and show everyone why Knicks fans love him.

    Both guys will rebound and get baskets off penetration or from offensive bounds, but don't look for either to create their own shot a lot. McGee can shoot some 15 footers, but so can Lee. Lee has a tendency to post up and try a hook shot this season, but McGee's height may inhibit this and deter him posting up.

    Don't expect a huge offensive night from either of these guys. They may very well suprise me and end up with 20+, but it mostly likely won't be their own doing and be caused by either the constant airballs of teammates, or the penetration of a number of Wizards players, or the pentration of Duhon, Nate, or Wilson.


    Key Matchup:


    Knicks are going to get scrubbed tonight and there isn't a real key matchup that is going to be the factor between a win and a loss.

    Pressure Player of the Game:


    Guy has been pure **** as of late. Expect him to play a great game tonight or get relegated to the bench when the new guys arrive. D loves him, but he knows he can't take much more of his awful performance.

    Its do or die for Q Rich tonight, this game is for his spot in the starting lineup.

    Now for some music:

    Take you choice;

    Poppy Fun:

    Old School Hip-Hop:

    Hard Rock:

    And the Video of the Day:

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