ROFL with that Chandler pic

Will Stephon get booed at the Garden given the controversy over him supposedly not wanting to play?

Back to back with seven players... frikin marathon.

QRich will bustout and have 40 points... or we can be real and accept the fact that he'll continue to suck very badly and miss key shots and even the rim a couple of times. ****, I'd even give his minutes to Roberson cause QRich, like Stephon and everyone else not named Chandler or Gallinari, wont be here after the summer of 2010. Inactivate his ass ASAP!!!

Let's not even talk about our 7th man Malik Rose.

Allan Houston, please suit up for 24 hours.

Or maybe we can finish buying out Stephon ASAP and watch Patrick Ewing Jr. get a standing ovation in his 1st game as a Knick!!!

Losing with the Wiz would mean being under .500 again ahead of integrating 3 new players as we head into the Tuesday's Lebron game.

Knicks 97 Wiz 85