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    Default Isn't funny how...

    Crawfordsexuals were desiring Marbury to be gone, but its so ironic and hilarious that Crawford got terminated before Marbury officially did(Don't come at me with the Marbury will never play a game again BS).

    This confirms Marbury > Crawford; in every aspect of life.
    What an amazing time to be a Knick fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metrocard View Post
    Crawfordsexuals were desiring Marbury to be gone, but its so ironic and hilarious that Crawford got terminated before Marbury officially did(Don't come at me with the Marbury will never play a game again BS).

    This confirms Marbury > Crawford; in every aspect of life.
    What an amazing time to be a Knick fan.
    I'm not a crawfordsexual but you forgot to mention the present situation. Yes its irionic if your talking about a conversation years ago when asking who woud go first. BUT look at the situation. NO ONE wants Marbury and his huge contract and NO ONE would trade for him. Crawford had trade value this year because he had a lower contract and can score...even thought its inconsistent.

    Teams know they can be better with a hot and cold scorer in Crawford on their team....Marbury si once again involved in a coach-player refusing to play once again and has a huge contract that no one can take....which guy was easier to move? Crawford was.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    Crawford was traded because he has Value for his contract while Marbury isnt wanted as badley and has a contract that isnt worth it for teams to pick up

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRG3 View Post
    Crawford was traded because he has Value for his contract while Marbury isnt wanted as badley and has a contract that isnt worth it for teams to pick up
    Anthony Morrow > Crawford.

    FACT: As a rookie hazing ritual, Al Harrington once asked Anthony Morrow to carry his bags. Al Harrington now plays for the Knicks. Anthony Morrow carries teams, not bags. (Ray, San Francisco)

    FACT: Jamal Crawford demanded to be traded to Golden State so that he'd never have to guard Anthony Morrow. (Ray, San Francisco)


    FACT: In 2002, Anthony Morrow was on a basketball court with Saddam Husein and Osama Bin Laden. He had a gun with two bullets. He shot a three pointer, twice. (me)

    FACT: Anthony Morrow did not go undrafted because no team wanted him. Like Bill Clinton and Muhammed Ali, Anthony Morrow refused to take part in the draft process. (Ray, San Francisco)

    FACT: Anthony Morrow watches tapes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to see what it would be like to be a lesser player. (Solid Snake,

    FACT: Kobayashi once tried to threaten Anthony Morrow into missing a shot. Morrow said, I am Keyser Soze, then swished it. (Geoff Lepper,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow strapped on roller skates, skated up to Baron Davis, and beat him down like Bob Probert. Then he took his radio. (AllGo, Belmont CA)

    FACT: Anthony Morrow doesn't own a car because when you can shoot like Anthony Morrow, why would you ever drive? (Erik, San Francisco)
    Posted by evschu at 11:01 PM 0 comments
    Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 20, 2008, Part 2
    FACT: Al Harrington tried to block one of Morrow's jump shot, and is mysteriously on IL since. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: Rick Barry admits that Anthony Morrow is better than him. (Years and Counting!!!,

    FACT: When Anthony Morrow performs Lebron's "powder" trick all the particles end up going through the net. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow wears his headband by tossing it up 26 feet into air and it'd ALWAYS end up perfectly on his head. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow only averaged 14.3 ppg at Georgia Tech because he wanted to be the greatest undrafted player ever. (Pointman,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow can shoot even in a Warrior uniform. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow's jumper is so pure, he has to cut it with baking soda... (Years and Counting!!!,

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    FACT: Anthony Morrow will bailout the economy when he's good and ready. (Pointman,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow became self-aware at 2:14am EDT August 29, 1997. (The Big Rebounder,

    FACT: Humans can drink their own urine three times before they die. Anthony Morrow can drink his own urine eleven times before he gets annoyed and takes your Gatorade. (live,

    FACT: Oprah calls Anthony Morrow for advice on her show. (SleepBFree,

    FACT: The NBA was going to move the 3pt line back 2 feet, but when David Stern saw Morrow, he said "What's the point?" (Years and Counting!!!,

    FACT: The swish sound of one of Anthony Morrow's jumpers turned Robert Rowell and Chris Mullin into buddies. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow had what Meg Ryan was having in When Harry Met Sally. (The Big Rebounder,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow never has to hurry at the end of quarters because time itself waits for him. (The Big Rebounder,

    FACT: Seismologists predict there's a 46% chance Morrow might miss another jumper within next 30 years. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: Dinosaur nests look exactly like basketball hoops. Anthony Morrow caused the Dinosaur's mass extinction. (The Big Rebounder,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow makes everyone on agree. (gswfan4ever,

    FACT: While NIKE's busy telling us JUST DO IT, Anthony Morrow JUST DID IT. (Steven L.,

    FACT: During a jump ball, Anthony Morrow can tip the ball to the rim and score. (believe,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow once predicted a basket at the end of the game down 1. The refs, fans, and opposing team all left the gym and said why waste time? (EastBayWarrior,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow once lost in a game of H-O-R-S-E by one shot to Larry Bird. It was December of 1985 and he was less then 2 month old. (Israeli warriors,

    FACT: Mark Cuban was just indicted for illegally adding Anthony Morrow to his fantasy team. (stick_doggie_dog,

    FACT: Everyone still agrees when Win2010 says Morrow is a great player for the 10000th time. (gswfan4ever,

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    FACT: Anthony Morrow was disqualified from competing in the 2009 3-point shooting contest. And won. (Chris C,

    FACT: When Chuck Norris crossed Anthony Morrow's path, Morrow ripped his head off and shot it in for three. (anonymous)

    FACT: Anthony Morrow is the all time Operation champion. He never touches the sides. (The Big Rebounder,

    FACT: Anthony Morrow may need to bail out the US Treasury. (live,

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    FACT: Stuart Scott follows Anthony Morrow with both eyes. (live,
    Posted by evschu at 11:33 PM 0 comments
    Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 19, 2008 Part 2
    Special thanks to for a lot of these...

    FACT: Anthony Morrow now shoots the Warriors technical free throws - from the three point line... of the opposing team...backwards...with his eyes closed. (live and The Big Rebounder and IslandWarrior and daddy,

    FACT: On the first day, God created light. On the second day, Anthony Morrow shot the lights out. (live,

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    Posted by evschu at 11:30 PM 1 comments
    Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 19, 2008
    FACT: Anthony Morrow is left handed. He plays with his right because he likes a challenge.

    FACT: Anthony Morrow's right hand is hotter than the sun. His veins, however, are filled with ice-water.

    FACT: Anthony Morrow freed the slaves. Years later, Anthony Morrow shot Lincoln for taking credit. He shot him from half-court.

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    FACT: Anthony Morrow has never shot a gun. He does not endorse anything that takes longer to hit its target than his jump shot.

    FACT: When Anthony Morrow goes to a bar, he does not take shots (he's unselfish even when drinking)

    FACT: The word "tomorrow" conveys hope because its proper punctuation is "to: morrow". Because whenever you send something to Anthony Morrow, there's a good chance he will immediately shoot it and score.

    FACT: For Anthony Morrow, pimpin' IS easy

    FACT: Anthony Morrow is too modest to tell you this, but his jersey number is significant. From the roof of the warriors practice facility, Anthony Morrow can hit 22 different countries with his jump shot.

    FACT: Anthony Morrow once bit Latrell Sprewell's pit bull in the ear. The dog can no longer hear, but it can now shoot over 50% from beyond the arc.

    FACT: If you cut a basketball in half and put it to your ear, you can hear Anthony Morrow's jump shot swishing through the net.

    FACT: Because of Anthony Morrow's initials, the Warriors are forbidden from playing games before noon. David stern has correctly ruled that playing AM in the AM is unfair to the other 29 teams in the league.

    FACT: When Anthony Morrow plays Jesus in "H-O-R-S-E", he starts with "H-O-R-S" to make it fair.

    FACT: Scientists fear Anthony Morrow may contribute to global warming.

    FACT: Obama ran for president in 2008 because he knew he couldn't beat Anthony Morrow in 2012.

    FACT: Gilbert Arenas didn't sign with the Warriors because Anthony Morrow refused to look him in the eye. Anthony Morrow never takes his eye off the basket.

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    I think the fact that Jamal was let fo of before Murbury doesn't prove that the world is round let alone that he is better than him (Which i believe he is actually)

    Jamal was let go before Steph because of urgency. The Marbury saga is alsmost settled. Worst the Knicks can do is let him wear a coat and tie and pay his entire salary. Jamal was harder to deal with because of his long term commitment so the Knicks had less leverage on him and had to pull the triger when it most counted.
    True New Yorkers wear ORANGE and BLUE

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    to wrap things up, anthony morrow >> Crawford and so is marbury

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    Damn, metrocard destroyed the competition!
    Jeremon Linbury

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