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    Question Mark Where do we go from here?

    In 2009/10

    will be officially off the books.


    all have player options

    If they decline; thats 36,479,818 of cap salary.
    Total cap salary in 08/09 will be 69,589,278.

    Would it mean we could have a total cap salary of 33,109,460?

    If yes, then thats a beautiful situation for us.

    I know Lebron isn't available that year, but I'm sure they'll be a legit free agent available.


    His contract is dead in 2009-10.

    I honestly rather ride out with Paul than James. Paul is younger and more MVP material.

    We already have a SF in Chandler and a PF in Gallinari.
    With Paul, only positions we need to worry about is SG/C.(draftable positions)

    If anything...

    We draft Thabeet in the 09 Draft.

    Get Paul.
    And just run with this lineup.

    Potential it could be

    PG - Paul (pass first PG, superstar, MVP, A level player)
    SG - Chandler (Athletic dynamic wingman at 6"8, B level player)
    SF - Gallinari (Skilled and talented point forward with a Hedo Turkyglu type 20 ppg game, 6"10 B level player)
    PF - Lee (Garbage man with a lot of skills, outlet passing and a jumpshot, B level player)
    C - Thabeet (A 7'3 center than can run the floor and destroy other players shots with blocks, developing his skill)

    Robinson (dynamic scorer off the bench, Bobby Jackson-type role)

    24 year old superstar PG
    23 year old dynamic athletic wingman
    20 year old international pointforward superstar
    26 year old garbage man
    22 year old shot blocking 7"3 speed demon

    With a young strong line up, we could build a dynasty and continue to pick up peaces with the cap space and draft picks we'll have and continue to increase the team's value, history and begin a new era that the Knick fans have long been waiting for!!!

    Any other suggestions???

    PS: I really don't see why we don't push for Paul in 09/10...I know he has a connection with Bryon Scott and loves it in New Orleans, but money is hard to turn...especially with almost 20 million of cap space.

    I'm not too familar with the cap...someone correct me if I'm wrong.
    I'm just MAD happy right now.
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