John Starks played to win. Not just in basketball but in Life. After 12 years in the NBA, the Tulsa, OK roughneck left his mark by giving 100 percent every time down the floor. His early life off the court was equally as hard as the way he played on it. It’s what makes him who he is.

Undrafted out of Oklahoma State, Starks worked his way into the NBA in 1988 with the Golden State Warriors. After an injury forced him to return to the CBA, Starks signed with the New York Knicks and became one of the favorite and most compelling players in team history. A devastating three-point shooter, Starks hit 9 triples to set a club record in 1998. Starks played in an All-Star Game and was named Sixth Man of the Year before ending his career in 2002 as of the best three-point shooters in NBA history.

SLAM spoke with Starks about his life before and after the game.

SLAM: What have you been up to?
John Starks: I’ve been working with the Knicks in their front office in the Alumni Relations and Community Relations Department. I also started a clothing and sports brand company. We’re having new technology with breakaway pants; we’re using zippers instead of buttons, so you can make the transition in and out of them really quickly. This is probably going to replace what you see now as far as button breakaway pants. The technology was developed by a guy named Daron Nunn and it’s called “Zipway.” He came to another business partner of mine who then brought it to me and a light went off in my head.

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