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Steve Nash to the Knicks?
by Paul Coro - Nov. 22, 2008 07:17 PM
The Arizona Republic
This is The Republic's NBA Insider column for Sunday, Nov. 23.

Nineteen months. That is how long you can expect to hear speculation about Steve Nash winding up with the New York Knicks.

Nash already had an off-season home in New York, participated in Manhattan soccer leagues and has a love for a city that can foster his filmmaking and satisfy his cultural interests.

Then Mike D'Antoni, and the system that fit Nash, went to New York, leaving him grappling for a way to thrive with a new coach and in a new offense.
I didn't know Nash has such a boner for NYC.

Whether you guys like Nash or not, he'll never lose his skill and will still be a productive player and one of the better PG's in the NBA when he becomes 36.


something like that.
I like that.