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Look we could have him as early as next season. The Suns owner is the exact opposite to Dolan when it comes to spending so imagine if The Suns get bounced from the playoffs in the first round, Steve Nash and his agent may be able to convince them not to pick up the option on his final year which would save The Suns millions in luxary tax. We could get Nash for the MLE and dead the notion that we are not looking to win until atleast 2010. Next year's lineup could be


Duhon (Mike D gets his ideal PG tandem)

A playoff team in The East and a team that would be attractive to Free Agents.

I tell You New England had it's run in sports. But The Giants,The Jets,The Mets and eventually The Knicks are going to bring the crowns back to NY!

haha yea dat guy is cheap, he gave away kurt thomas nd draft picks jst to stay under the luxury tax, but yea bringin nash in wud make us a watchable playoff (6-8 spot) team... nd i cant forget ma jets, though wat happens when favre retires?

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