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You know what... I see a more balanced attack. I don't see a clear cut scoring leader, but I imagine on any given night it will be some one who drops 20+. Were going to have starters who get anywhere between 6 and 26 on any given night and not because of a streak shooting, but because of how our matchups work out. Nate will lead us in scoring off the bench sometimes and occasionally I think Tim Thomas will be one of our leading scorers. It's going to be interesting to see how our points are distributed. But if I had to to choose I guess I would say Al Harrington, I think Wilson will hit a bit of a wall this season since technically it's his rookie season, so I think that could hurt his overall average.

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Agreed. Good post. This is the most realistic scenario. However, if there will be one player to stand out I'm going out on a limb for Wilson Chandler. Let's not forget about his 27 pt game. If he didn't once he can do it again. Harrison is a great all around player, but not necessarily a consistent double digit scorer. I think he'd rather be role player on a good team then be the go to guy. It's not that Harrington isn't capable, the question is will he fit in that position.

This is a real opportunity for Wilson.