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I'm a Warriors fan and have been one for years. I feel very sorry for all of you Knicks fans who think Al is going to be your top scorer, let alone a better defender than Jamal Crawford. Be prepared for a player who will shoot you out of games with poor shot selection, (check his FG%'s) never boxes out his man on the boards(just like Curry), perimeter defense forget about it, is an embarrassing finisher, constantly misses defensive assignments, can't shoot free throws, can't take criticsm, and is one of the most overrated players in the NBA due to the 07 playoffs and the prior 6th man award.

His back was never hurt, he was just too much of a prima donna to play under pressure after being called out as the role player he should be. Sound familiar??? Haha. Crawford is twice the scorer Al is, and his weak defense is something I can live with because we've got excellent young shot blockers to help him out. I wish I could say I feel sorry for you guys, but if you were a Warrior fan like I've been over the last 15 years, it's hard to sympathize with anybody...especially Knicks fans.

I find it hard to believe how much stock you guys are actually putting into landing LeBron. Why would he want to come to such a joke of a team and play under such a tumultuous front office? Why would he do that? The Cav's are winning now, and LeBron's from Akron. I think you Knick fans just have to deal with the fact that LeBron's not your guy, and that Jamal was just about to flourish under D'Antoni. Yes, I'll take his 20 and 6 apg, thanks. Ya'll just been fleeced. THANK YOU!
all i got to say is jamal crawford 6-20 21 points, harrington 13-25 36 points and most importantly a KNICKS WIN over your golden state warriors. how does it feel to lose to a so called "joke of a team." scrub keep your mouth shut cause ur team is whack money. And those excellent young shot blockers you guys got.... dunk city tonight all day with D Lee scoring 37points mostly all in the paint.

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Tim Thomas> Al Harrinton
Tim Thomas is not better than AL. he will hit those occasional 3s but he doesnt hustle or play to his potential.