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Mayne, **** Lebron.
He's a rival superstar right now.
We boo him till he's orange and blue.
I'm sick of these new age soft ass Knick fans that fill the Garden, aren't loud enough and always cheer guys like Carter, James, Bryant.
**** them.
Booo them till they cry.
I sorta feel the same way.

We played like crap. We needed to show we could at least put up a good fight and earn Lebron's respect. NOT to look pitiful with our tails between our legs and begging Lebron to come help us. I don't want us to be a cheap easy date. I want us to work hard for what we want to accomplish. I know this is a rebuilding year, but we still need to play harder then we did last night.

On the other hand, I do realize we just traded two of our starters who we basically ran our offense through. Still, we still looked like a lost high school team out there though.

We shouldn't be bowing down to Lebron James like he is Jesus. He still hasn't won a championship and he isn't the Knicks only answer in getting ours.