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    Game Thread Game 15: Knicks vs Pistons 11/25 @ 8:00PM ET

    The New York Knicks (7-7) vs the Detroit Pistons (8-5)
    Wed. 11/25 at 8:00pm ET on MSG

    Welcome to the MSGKnickz33 Pregame show, Im your host the Gold Mac 10 and I would like to welcome you to the show. The Knicks are coming off a bad loss to Cleveland. The final score was 119 to 101, but the Cavs were up by 29 at the end of the 3rd quarter so the loss is worse then it looks. At the same time, it only counts as one loss and the Knicks need to move on. Al Harrington struggled in his Knicks debut, shooting 5 for 16 but he did score 13 points and he also had 9 rebounds. Quentin Richardson led the Knicks with 22 points on 8 for 19 shooting. Tim Thomas didn't waste any time getting back to what he did a couple of years ago under with the Suns, when he was coached by Mike D'antoni. He scored 16 points in 24 minutes, and had 6 rebounds to go along with 4 assists. I expect the Knicks offense to get better game by game. This was a rough game for them but tomorrow they got an old opponent (the Pistons), and I can see them winning.

    The three newly acquired players will give the knicks more offense and defense, but they lose alot of rebounding. Zach Randolph was doing a great job on the boards, averaging 12.5 rebounds per game. The 2nd best scoring team in the NBA will have to step it up even more to make up for their lack of rebounding. Tim Thomas, Al Harrington, and Cuttino Mobley are all capable of knocking down open jumpshots. Harrington is the most versatile and the best all around of the three, but I believe Mobley will have a bigger impact then most Knicks fans are expecting. More to come on Mobley later in the show.

    The Detroit Pistons had a great run, but its over now. Their 21st in points scored per game, and 14th in points allowed per game. They're still a top 5 team in the east, but they no longer have what it takes to compete with Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, and Orlando. Like I said, its over for Detroit. On Sunday night they took one of the worst beatings they've taken since....last year on the night of the super bowl, when the Knicks put a beating on them. The Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Pistons 106-80. The only player on Detroit thats worth mentioning is Tayshaun Prince, who scored 20 points (8-13). In my opinion, at this point hes the best player on the Pistons with Rip Hamilton in 2nd.

    If you were unable to see the Cavs game heres the highlights


    The Detroit Pistons

    pg-Allen Iverson
    sg-Rip Hamilton
    sf-Tayshaun Prince
    pf-Rasheed Wallace
    C-Kwame Brown

    Backups: Jason Maxiell, Rodney Stuckey, Amir Johnson, Aaron Afflalo, Will Bynum, Walter Herrmann, Alex Acker




    MSG33 PresEnTs the KeY MatChuP: Quentin Richardson vs Tayshaun Prince


    Quentin Richardson

    Q-Rich is off to a better start this year. All of his numbers are up and hes shooting better. Richardson was chose by default, because the starting lineup is not certain for the Knicks. Q-rich vs Prince is better then Duhon vs Iverson, and Kwame vs Lee.

    What I wanna see from Richardson is defense. Prince is the 3rd best scorer on Detroit, but his field goal percentage is higher then every starter except Kwame Brown, whos a bum and doesn't count. Prince has a nice short range hook shot and he can knock down the open jumper. Richardson is much stronger, and will use his strength to keep Prince out of the paint. Last year against Detroit, Q-Rich was terrible.

    3 Games vs Detroit (last Year)

    0% 3PT

    He wasn't much of a factor on offense at all. He can and will do better Wednesday night in Detroit (Its not like that will be difficult).

    Tayshaun Prince

    Tayshaun Prince, as i already stated is the best player on Detroit in my opinion. Hes a good scorer, rebounder, passer, team player, and defender. At age 28, hes in his prime but unfortunately the rest of the team is past their prime

    4 Games vs Knicks (Last Year)

    28.6% 3PT

    Prince's numbers were also below his averages against the Knicks last year. Richardson vs Prince will be a fun matchup to watch defensively, but it doesn't show promise of being a good matchup offensively. Defense is a very important part of the game and a player doesn't have to average 20 points a game to be a good player. If I'm building a team, I'm looking to build around defense first. It is defense that wins championships. Thats how Detroit won back in 2004 and thats also how the Smelltics won the championship last year.

    The Official MSG33 Pregame Strategy:
    • Ball movement!!!
    • Run!!! Old Pistons cant keep up
    • Contest every shot from Rip Hamilton. Hes a great shooter, especially from mid-range
    • Watch out for Stuckey and Maxiell off the bench. They can quickly change the momentum

    Player Spotlight

    Cuttino Mobley

    I keep saying that i think Cuttino Mobley will prove people wrong. Hes a better shooter, rebounder, and defender then Crawford. I believe that Mike D'antoni's system will be a great fit for him. Hes a good shooter, and at age 33 he still has some hops. He can get to the rim and throw it down over the defense. Hes gotten off to a slow start with the Clippers, who aren't far at all from the bottom of the Western Conference. It's impossible to be at the bottom. That would mean that you would have to be worse then the D-League Oklahoma Thunder.

    There wasn't alot available, but I got some videos of Mobley.

    Like I said, hes still got game. In the last video, after hitting a 3 pointer he stripped the ball from his opponent and then hit another 3 pointer from the corner to win the game. I don't think it will be long before Knicks fans start to like him and forget about Crawford.

    Throwback Joint of the Day:

    Title:Nas is Like
    Album:I Am

    Download "Nas is Like" Here:
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    Knicks upcoming Schedule:

    • Sat, Nov 29 Golden State 7:30 PM
    • Tue, Dec 2 Portland 7:30 PM
    • Wed, Dec 3 @ Cleveland 7:00 PM
    • Fri, Dec 5 @ Atlanta 7:30 PM
    • Sun, Dec 7 Detroit 12:00 PM

    Thanks for joining me for my pregame show. And remember to watch the Knicks Wednesday night on MSG.

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