I dont know if anyone else has noticed ,but the KNICKS are and have been all season A BETTER TEAM WITHOUT ALLEN HOUSTON.Now i know you cant just replace a pure shooter like ALLEN,but his injuries this year definiteley make him less effective than in the past.Shandon absolutely plays fundamental man to man D on the opposing teams 2 guard position.Something ALLEN has trouble doing due to less mobility.This usually leads to a big 1st quarter for opposing teams!Shan creates pressure to keep this from happening.Shan can also run the break and FINISH with a dunk.When's the last time you saw ALLEN attack the rim and finish with a dunk?Again ALLEN'S jumper will stretch defenses ...if hes making them,but Shandons overall elevated play and ALLENS diminished role this season(injuries)makes me wonder if Shan should start.Why not save ALLEN'S knees this year?