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lol the "childish banter" started at post 26 when metro criticized that king ewing guy for gettin his starbury stats wrong. fair point, no harm done, until abcd decides to "come to the rescue" and start up the idiocy that ensues, and as always where "team starbury" goes, oldknicksgrandson follows, nd then chaos ensues (not really but it sounds cool). nd of course abcd isnt jst satisfied with one rtarded post, he needs 2 post multiple of them to prove his "legendary" status on this site.

jst thought id examine it from the begining lol
Yeah, it's like Team Starbury falls into their own spiral of idiocy. metro makes a point and then abcd pounces making his billionth retarded post about how he's the 3rd best poster on the site and is a champion or whatever.

It's sad because for once metro had something basketball-relevant to say, and his butt buddy abcd one again had nothing of relevance or importance.