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Who's gonna guard Roy? This one's gonna be hauntingly reminiscent of the Pistons game. I dare say that there will be 7-8 out of 10 or 11 players in double figures for the Blazers. Once the bigs come in off the Blazers bench, guys like Outlaw are gonna have a field day against NY's tired legs.

Duhon vs Blake is a key match to me as well as Harrington vs Aldridge. Blake is a robotic point guard and rarely errors. Don't want him to have a freelance shooting or passing game at all. Look for Oden to have his first big game against a small front court.

We NEED to force a low assist/turnover ratio and force more individual play.

Q Rich has to have another decent rebounding game and so does Chandler who should be pulling in 7-8 rpg.

Is N8 back? I hope so.

Not very optimistic for this one.

Too many weapons and too big.

Knicks 90-100 odd points to Blazers 110+
I would have chandler guard roy...i think hes the only player on this team that can stay with him and contest his shots. But your right, its gonna be a tough game and i see the blazers winning. There too balanced for us.