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    Originally Posted by DaTPRiNCE
    yup, couldnt have said it better myself we lack that superstar that shows up late in games who could take over the game whenever he wants, like a Roy or Wade etc......Harden will be that player loll.....and until we get that player all these close games will be losses or a majority of them will be we need a takeover player we lack that Nate is good and plays well when he's needed but he isnt that player

    haha., prince...You have seemed to catch on to me being a big James Harden fan.....

    Too bad the rest of the world has as well, he will be a top 10 pick, maybe top 5 now

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    yea he's really good u learn alot about a player from following him thanks to my draft that i think about it its almost time for an update...expect one in the next couple of day loll

    DaTPRiNCE...That EGYPTiAN Fella, #MeloMafia

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