Interesting comparison.

Chandler gets $1,173,480 per year for the next 2 years

Deng gets $9,385,000 per year for the next 6 years

Luol Deng
PPG 13.1
RPG 5.4
APG 1.3
SPG 1.1
BPG 0.5
FG% 0.395
FT% 0.830
3P% 0.286
MPG 32.3

Wilson Chandler
PPG 14.9
RPG 5.9
APG 1.8
SPG 1.2
BPG 0.9
FG% 0.453
FT% 0.758
3P% 0.333
MPG 30.9

Look whos shooting better, scoring more, rebounding more, averaging more steals, blocks, and less minutes.

I think the situation can make a difference at times but i dont consider chandler to be in that much if at all a better situation then deng. What i mean by that is dengs got a great rookie point guard, derrick rose playing along side him. Ben Gordens a very good shooter who spreads the floor and opens things up. Chicago doesnt have the best front court, but at least they have a front court. Deng fell the **** off....he was real nice a couple years ago. Is he just off or doesnt care after gettin that nice contract?

chandler >> Luol deng